PEO C3TProgram Executive Office for Command, Control and Communications - Tactical (US DoD)
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Jim Ross, project manager for tactical radios at Army PEO C3T.
With Army Vision--Force 2025 as its guide, the Army Signal Corps and PEO C3T have begun to implement the Network Modernization Roadmap, which synchronizes the operational priorities of versatility, mobility and security with technology imperatives and program-of-record objectives.
During the June-July NIE, the radio fleets of the Joint Program Executive Office for the Joint Tactical Radio System and PEO C3T connected Soldiers to these waveforms.
To tackle these hurdles and maintain the momentum of the CPOF program, the PEO C3T and DARPA joined forces.
On the plus side, a positive lesson learned was the importance of defining expectations through a senior leader review, which for this EIPT was weekly briefs or updates to the PEO C3T.
While PEO C3T is committed to supporting the efforts of reducing FSR support personnel on its systems, they are taking deliberate action to find ways to sustain soldier proficiency and ensure effectiveness of mission command within each unit.
This five-year multiple task order contract, issued by the US Army's PEO C3T (Program Executive Office Command, Control and Communications-Tactical), calls for a rapid acquisition of a wide range of tactical command, control and communications systems, hardware, software, engineering services and logistics support services.
The Soldier will do a drag-and-drop on the screen," said Jennifer Zbozny, chief engineer for PEO C3T.
PEO Intelligence, Electronic Warfare & Sensors and PEO C3T.