PEO C4IProgram Executive Officer, Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence
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PEO C4I's financial CPI benefits were reapplied to programs, thereby lowering total ownership costs and increasing speed to capability for the fleet," said PEO C4I Program Executive Officer Rear Admiral Jerry Burroughs.
PMW 120 worked with the Navy Command and Control Systems Program Office (PMW 150), the Tactical Networks Program Office (PMW 160) and PEO C4I to reach milestone B.
We also agreed to create a source document to clearly articulate his vision and goals for PEO C4I, as well as the imperative for his vision.
He currently serves at the Command and Control Program Office of PEO C4I, where he serves as Technical Director and Deputy Principal Assistant Program Manager for Support C2 Systems.
PEO C4I collaborated on the demonstration with the Office of Naval Research.
PEO C4I PMW/A 170 is responsible for the acquisition, integration, delivery and support of communication and GPS navigation systems for the fleet, joint and coalition war fighters.
PEO C4I has sustained a strategically aligned CPI program for nearly 10 years, steadily showing significant benefits.
Receiving this and future systems well ahead of schedule is a real advantage for our warfighters, said Chris Parente, Principal APM, Information Operations, PEO C4I.
The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, on behalf of PEO C4I, selected five vendors to build and deliver CANES.
Christian Becker, USN, PEO C4I, "The operating systems that exist today on some of those legacy networks are not sustainable.