PEO IWSProgram Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems
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Reportedly, the Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS) manages surface ship and submarine combat technologies and systems, as well as coordinating Navy Open Architecture across ship platforms.
The Navy's PEO IWS strategic vision for Aegis modernization is simple.
The good news is that the question of how to share data is no longer a "cultural issue." The Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization is helping to forge strong relationships across PEO IWS, MDA, combatant commands, and the Services.
"We have the traditional combat system focus that is consistent with what has been done with NAVSEA and PEO IWS, real-time, fire control-type focus.
We are working closely with the Aegis modernization team in PEO IWS 1.0 to put the LAN Radar Data Distribution System (LRADDS) on cruisers and destroyers during COTS refresh (CR3).
I support PEO IWS 2.0, the Above Water Sensors directorate.
As a result of a recent reorganization, the PEO TSC-M/L is now the program executive office for integrated warfare systems, surface ship weapons and launchers (PEO IWS 3A).
PEO IWS 3A is already addressing additional challenges of working with suppliers to reduce hardware cost; preserve its vendor base; and evolve both the STANDARD Missile and Vertical Launching System capabilities to meet increasingly sophisticated threats.
Jim Shannon, PEO IWS 7.0, the Navy's major program manager for Future Combat Systems Open Architecture, accepted a laureate award on behalf of the program from the Computerworld Honors Program.
In August 2006, the surface Navy established the Software Hardware Asset Reuse Enterprise (SHARE) repository under the direction of PEO IWS. We believe SHARE has been successful during its first year.
In reality, we directly support PEO IWS and all platform PEOs delivering air, surface, undersea and expeditionary warfare capabilities; one does not exist or have maximum value without the other.
In response to a request from the Program Executive Office for Integrated Warfare Systems to the NSWC Dahlgren Division for help on CVN 21, the 21st century aircraft carrier program, Allen Morrison and Kevin Long volunteered to assist the PEO IWS located at the Washington Navy Yard.