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PEPCPlanning, Environment and Public Comment (US NPS)
PEPCPhosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase
PEPCPakistan Environmental Protection Council
PEPCProject Exports Promotion Council (India)
PEPCPretty Efficient Parallel Coulomb-Solver (astrophysics)
PEPCParker Evangelical Presbyterian Church (Colorado)
PEPCPostsecondary Education Planning Commission
PEPCPan European Portals Conference
PEPCPlasma Electrode Pockels Cell
PEPCPhysical Education Professional Community
PEPCPurdue Electric Power Center
PEPCPennsylvania Education Policy Center
PEPCPromotion of Effective Perinatal Care (WHO)
PEPCProtein Expression, Purification and Crystallisation (Laboratory)
PEPCPetroleum Exploration and Production Center
PEPCProcurement, Engineering, procurement and Construction
PEPCPregnancy and Early Parent Counseling
PEPCPublic Education and Participation Committee
PEPCPublishers Electronic Printings Concepts (Netherlands)
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With the PEPC campaign, Sainath and his sister Sai Sahana have been going to malls, restaurants and shops educating shopkeepers about the ill-effects of plastic usage and giving them alternatives.
Jam Kamal, while presiding over a meeting on environmental issues, called the first meeting of the PEPC and announced that a comprehensive policy framework will be developed at the provincial level considering issues of climate change and protection of the environment.
PEPC is an important worker enzyme which is responsible for the night-time fixation of carbon dioxide into malic acid.
Secuencias empleadas en la reconstruccion de los cladogramas con la region intergenica trnA-trnH de cloroplasto (trnA-trnH) y el gen nuclear fosfoenol piruvato carboxilasa (PEPC) para identificar las relaciones entre las especies del genero Spondias L.
Tambien permitiria senalar al Psicologo General Sanitario (PGS) como el que puede, a traves de una residencia, extender su formacion con practica clinica supervisada y una progresiva autonomia en su ejercicio, recibiendo finalmente el titulo de Psicologo especialista en Psicologia Clinica (PEPC).
Additionally, the region contained genes encoding the glycerol kinase GlpK, the aminopeptidase PepC, and the NAD synthetase nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.
(37) More specifically, E is the product of PEPC and scale efficiency (SC) such as that E=PEFC*SC.
Previous studies demonstrated that fruits contained a variety of sugar- and acid-metabolizing enzymes including soluble acid invertase, sucrose synthase (SS) in the synthetic or cleavage direction, sucrose phosphate synthase (SPS) (HASHIZUME et al., 2003; ZHANG et al., 2012; YANG et al., 2013), citrate synthase (CS), cis-aconitase (ACO), malate dehydrogenase, isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC) (KUBO et al., 2002; LUO, 2003).
Equation [xi] [[theta].sub.1] [[theta].sub.1] Continuity 1 0 1 u-Momentum u [rho] [rho] v-Momentum v [rho] [rho] w-Momentum w [rho] [rho] Energy T PepC PepC equation Equation [chi] [S.sub.[xi]] Continuity 0 0 u-Momentum [eta]/Re -[partial derivative]p/ [partial derivative]x v-Momentum [eta]/Re -[partial derivative]p/ [partial derivative]y w-Momentum [eta]/Re -[partial derivative]p/ [partial derivative]z Energy [kappa] Re x Br [[partial equation derivative]p/[partial derivative]t + [nabla] x (Pu)] + Br x [eta] x I] TABLE 2.
For both lines drought stress induced an upregulation of PEPC content and a downregulation of NADP-ME.
Environmental Management Functions at Federal Level: The Pakistan Environment Protection Council (PEPC) is the apex body for formulation of national environmental policies and programmes in the country.