PEPCKPhosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase
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In addition to upregulation of C/EBP[alpha], we found increases in several enzymes and lipid regulatory proteins (FABP4, PLIN4, PEPCK, GPDH, and adiponectin) that are known PPAR[gamma] targets.
Marein affects glycogen synthesis and the expression of GSK-3[beta], FoxO1, G6Pase and PEPCK in HepG2 cells
CC administration to diabetic rats showed partial downregulation in mRNA expression of PEPCK compared with diabetic rats.
GBE showed up-regulation for hepatic IRS-1 and down-regulation for PEPCK, however, up-regulation for GLUT-4 and PPAR-a found in muscle.
In this way, we sought to investigate gene expression of two key enzymes in hepatic glucose release; G6Pase, involved in the last step of glucose release on bloodstream, and PEPCK, a limitant step on gluconeogenesis activity (Figure 1).
Our recent findings indicate that EGCG down-regulates the gene expression of these gluconeogenic enzymes by reducing the gene and protein expression of hepatocyte nuclear factor (HNF)4[alpha], a key transcription factor for PEPCK and G6Pase (79) (Fig.
The researchers found a way to silence the gene encoding PEPCK in Mtb during mouse infections to assess the importance of gluconeogenesis for Mtb's ability to maintain a chronic infection.
PK regulates ATP production by glycolysis, PEPCK plays a regulatory role in the shunting of glycolytic phosphoenolpyruvate into the succinate-producing pathway, CCO is a major regulatory site of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation, and CAT is a key component of the antioxidant enzyme system involved in biochemical protection against the potential toxicity of increased formation of [H.
Increased fatty acid reesterification by PEPCK overexpression in adipose tissue leads to obesity without insulin resistance.
Identification of a sequence in the PEPCK gene that mediates a negative effect of insulin on transcription.
4] -- -- Pyruvate Taxa ME-NADP PEPCK P-dikinase Aquatic CAM species Isoetes howellii Submerged 37 nd 110 Aerial 42 nd 186 I.
PEPCK or 11beta-HSD1), an effect which should lessen the severity or impact of type 2 diabetes on insulin resistance.