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PEPFARPresident's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief
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PEPFAR is the (US) President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, a five-year effort initiated in 2003 to prevent seven million new infections of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), treat two million people with the disease, and care for ten million orphans and other vulnerable groups.
The report concludes with specific policy recommendations which would shore up many of the shortcomings of the current PEPFAR prevention strategy.
(1.) Zambia: PEPFAR prevention approach too narrow report.
It was my task, as ambassador to convince the South African government and PEPFAR's 500 partners that the United States intended to approach the issue with an attitude of true partnership and collaboration.
emerged as the largest participant in PEPFAR. The program spent more than $39 million on that company's products to combat AIDS and HIV.
The original PEPFAR program required that one-third of its funding go toward abstinence-only education.
Furthermore, since the initiative enjoyed support from both parties in Congress and an unusual coalition of liberal and conservative NGOs, PEPFAR suggested a stronger domestic alliance supporting future U.S.
13, the investigation, still available at, details how President Bush used PEPFAR to burnish his "compassionate conservative" credentials while enabling his administration to funnel tens of millions of dollars to Christian faith-based organizations that support his ideology of abstinence and fidelity.
PEPFAR says that land lines in Africa are rare, and paper forms are the standard for distributing epidemiological data.
ARV treatment is a major focus of PEPFAR and similar international programs.