PEPHPartnerships for Environmental Public Health (US NIH)
PEPHPhiladelphia Estate Practitioner Handbook (Philadelphia Bar Association; Philadelphia, PA)
PEPHPost Embolic Pulmonary Hypertension
PEPHPropylic Ester of P-Hydroxybenzoic Acid
PEPHPromotion of European Passive Houses
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Partnerships for Environmental Public Health (PEPH): About PEPH, NAT'L INST.
Evaluation of PEPH programs provides useful benefits to grantees, including the ability to a) identify program successes; b) determine whether a project worked and why (or why not); c) identify areas for program improvement and increased efficiency; d) describe expenditures and justify a need for additional funding; e) recognize and respond to public needs and wants; f) identify new audiences and applications for projects; and g) prioritize research and plan for the future.
However, because many PEPH programs do not publish findings related to their community engagement, we worked with grantees and community members to identify appropriate metrics to measure and demonstrate success in five areas that are common to many PEPH grantees:
Disseminating findings (providing information about environmental public health issues and results of PEPH research)
PEPH grantees are encouraged to adapt metrics to fit the unique characteristics of their communities, and those with multisite initiatives may want to identify metrics that are applicable for all sites.
We anticipate that the PEPH manual will be a living document that we will update periodically.