PEPNetPostsecondary Education Programs Network
PEPNetPromising and Effective Practices Network
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The PEPNet Institute offers city leaders and others who are engaged with workforce development an opportunity to gain tools and techniques to craft, fund, learn about, or promote more effective youth employment/development programming.
The PEPNet Institute is unique in its focus on networking with other committed youth providers from around the country.
A panel of young people talked about the impact the PEPNET programs have had on their lives with Lorenzo Harrison, who heads the Office of Youth Services at the U.
NYEC created PEPNet to recognize local programs that are successfully preparing youth for education and careers.
For those who told us that nothing worked, here's something to show you," Howard Knoll, the PEPNet chair, told the crowd of school-to-work advocates, educators and government representatives.
Since it began in 1996, PEPNet has recognized 49 youth programs nationwide.
Local officials can also learn more about successful youth employment programs in other that other cities through national projects like PEPNet (Promising and Effective Practice Network), a project of the National Youth Employment Coalition.
Promote the adaptation of the PEPNet (Promising and Effective Practices Network) criteria.
The program was a 1997 National Youth Coalition PEPNet (Promising and Effective Practices Network) winner.
PEPNet is a program of the National Youth Employment Coalition, (NYEC), a network of over 100 youth employment/development organizations dedicated to promoting policies and programs which help youth succeed in becoming lifelong learners, productive workers, and self-sufficient citizens.
PEPnet pegged MY TURN, along with 10 other successful youth employment and training programs, for its network.
Other new PEPnet members include the Texaco Shadow Program and Summer Works