PEPRPublic Expression Profiling Resource (database)
PEPRProcess Energy and Pollution Reduction (software tool)
PEPRPrecision Encoder and Pattern Recognition
PEPRProduction Engineering Publication Records (Boeing)
PEPRProfessional Education Program Review
PEPRPatient Encounter Processing & Reporting
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Based on information published by PEPR as to the total number of PEPR Ordinary and Preferred Units in issue, this holding will represent directly or indirectly 39 percent of PEPR's Ordinary Units corresponding to 39 percent of the voting rights attached to all PEPR Ordinary Units and 68 percent of the PEPR's Preferred Units.
A) The financial results include Prologis for the full period of AMB and PEPR results from approximately June 1, 2011.
ProLogis remains committed to its European platform and strongly believes the successful completion of its tender offer is in the best interests of both PEPR and ProLogis investors and provides all PEPR unitholders with substantial, certain and immediate value.
Prologis utilized the proceeds from the equity offer to fully repay debt under the bridge facility used to fund the company's tender offer for PEPR.
We believe ProLogis' unconditional mandatory offer gives PEPR investors the choice either to realize certain and immediate value through the tender of their units or to remain investors to realize PEPR's long-term upside potential.
The ProLogis offer provides PEPR unitholders an opportunity to sell their Units at an attractive price and eliminates the instability and uncertainty created by the non-definitive and highly conditional proposal for ProLogis' stake in PEPR by Algemene Pensioen Groep N.
Despite the highly contingent nature of the offer and APG's request for secrecy, ProLogis immediately brought the letter to the attention of the PEPR board in an effort to insure good governance, transparency and the interest of all PEPR unit holders.
At this time, ProLogis does not intend to increase its equity ownership of PEPR beyond 33.
PEPR was established in 1999 as a closed-end, real estate investment fund, externally managed by a subsidiary of ProLogis, a leading global provider of industrial distribution facilities.
0x over the next 12 to 24 months prior to a recapitalization of PEPR principally due to debt repayment from asset sale and contribution proceeds.
Dr Giles paid tribute to the courtesy and professionalism of the Department of State Development personnel who had assisted in helping to guide the PEPR through the approvals
Mining Lease Proposal and PEPR - Archer has initiated key activities as part of a Scoping Study to assess potential mine development options for the Campoona Project and commenced the project approvals process.