PEPTPositron Emission Particle Tracking
PEPTPhilippine Educational Placement Test
PEPTPartial Evaluation and Program Transformation (mailing list)
PEPTPain Exposure Physical Therapy
PEPTPortable Electric Power Tools
PEPTPulka Eimu, Pulka Teku (Latvian dance festival)
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"Only those who took and passed the A&E and PEPT in SY 2018-2019 and are eligible for enrollment in Grade 11 in SY 2019-2020 are qualified to avail of the voucher," DepEd said.
Dr Raul PArez-Mohedano, of the University of Birmingham, England has published a paper in the Chemical Engineering Journal suggesting, with the help of PEPT, that dishwashers work best when the filthiest plates are stacked closest to water jets and those with dried egg on are stacked towards the outside.
The pre-test and post-test performance scores of the pupils in PEPT were analyzed using descriptive Statistics and Analysis of Variance
En este sentido, se plantea el presente articulo cuyo objetivo es conocer la existencia y el grado de transfer que realizan los alumnos de Ensenanza Secundaria Obligatoria a traves de la aplicacion de la Prueba de Evaluacion del Proceso de Transfer (PEPT), analizando las diferencias por curso academico y grupos de rendimiento.
To ascertain whether PI-2 was absent from the described insertion site (9), we designed primers pepT_F and hemH_R (Table 1) against the flanking genes pepT and hemH.
PEPT is an acronym for positron emission particle tracking which, in simple terms (more complete explanation at>About PEPTFlow>Positron Emission Particle Tracking) involves tracking a radio active particle in three dimensions as it passes through the extruder.
The objective of the work reported here was to investigate the potential of a spouted bed for coating comparatively large particles, to measure the resulting coating uniformity, and to develop a statistical model for variation in the particle-to-particle coating amount, using particle trajectory data obtained from a unique particle tracking method--positron emission particle tracking (PEPT).
Studies reported (Regul Pept, September Issue) that injection of neonatal mice with MSG is neurotoxic for hypothalamic arcuate nucleus and causes obesity.
Another analogue of PET copolyester is poly(ethylene phthalate-co-terephthalate) (PEPT).
According to the unanimous judgment delivered by Justice Centus Nweze, the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT), sitting in Abuja was in order in refusing to grant Atiku's request at the time it was made so as not to prejudice other parties in the matter.