PEPTAPublic Employee Pension Transparency Act (proposed law)
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The aim of PEPTA was to extend the transition-planning period for potential presidential administrations to provide sufficient time to prepare for "governing in the post-September 11th world." (21)
As amended by PEPTA, the PTA directs the Administrator to provide certain presidential transition services and facilities to major-party and certain third-party presidential and vice-presidential nominees before a presidential general election.
PEPTA further amended the PTA to enable presidential candidates to fund pre-election transition activities through their campaigns.
(23) As amended by PEPTA, the PTA places limits on donations as a condition for receiving services and funds under the act.
With regard to the funding provision, the Senate report on the measure noted that, "[p]re-election transition efforts by both the Obama and McCain campaigns in 2008 relied on volunteers or campaign staff paid by private funds." (25) The establishment of this mechanism appears to facilitate financing of some of the transition-related staffing and activities recommended and authorized by PEPTA.
PEPTA would create an additional expensive federal bureaucracy that only adds red tape to state and local government operations and diverts taxpayer resources from other priorities.
In addition to the continued conversations about the need for PEPTA, ideas related to other types of federal intervention continue to garner attention.