PEQProgrammable Equalizer
PEQPortable Easy Quote
PEQProgram Editor Print Queue File
PEQParametric Equalizer
PEQPre-Engagement Questionnaire (technology)
PEQPartners for Environmental Quality (New Jersey)
PEQPrimordial Existential Question
PEQPriority Egress Queuing
PEQPittsburgh Economic Quarterly (University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, PA)
PEQProsthetic Evaluation Questionnaire
PEQPre-Employment Questionnaire
PEQPortillons d'Extrémité de Quai (French: End of Dock Doors; EU)
PEQParanormal Experiences Questionnaire
PEQPre-Examination Questionnaire
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Abbreviations: PEQ = Prosthesis Evaluation Questionnaire.
Overall, the LCI-5 has demonstrated good test-retest reliability and internal construct validity, which was established with the PEQ, in elderly and middle-aged populations with amputation [20-21,23].
They were administered in the following order: (1) PEQ [2], (2) self-reported number of falls, (3) self-reported number of stumbles, (4) 75 m SSWS on even terrain [22-23], (5) 75 m FPWS on even terrain [22-25], (6) 38 m FPWS on uneven terrain [2225], (7) 6 m FPWS on even terrain [22-38], (8) stair descent test (MRPP) [21], and (9) knee preference [1].
The ambulation subscale of the PEQ consists of eight items on the level of prosthetic use and comfort during walking, stair climbing, and walking on uneven ground that are assessed by means of a visual analogue scale.
The resulting phylogenetic encephalisation quotient (PEQ), to correct for the effects of close evolutionary relationships, for Chilecebus is relatively small, at 0.79.
These values can be converted into population equivalents (PEQ) and are estimated to be about 250,000 PEQ (in 2015, Belfast City had a population of 334,000).