PEQPortable Easy Quote
PEQProgrammable Equalizer
PEQProgram Editor Print Queue File
PEQParametric Equalizer
PEQPre-Engagement Questionnaire (technology)
PEQPartners for Environmental Quality (New Jersey)
PEQPrimordial Existential Question
PEQPriority Egress Queuing
PEQPittsburgh Economic Quarterly (University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, PA)
PEQProsthetic Evaluation Questionnaire
PEQPre-Employment Questionnaire
PEQPortillons d'Extrémité de Quai (French: End of Dock Doors; EU)
PEQParanormal Experiences Questionnaire
PEQPre-Examination Questionnaire
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The user experience was measured by the PEQ, modified such that subjects reported their experiences over a 1 wk rather than a 4 wk period.
Kruskal Wallis H Test for group comparison of demographic variables on score of PTS & PEQ Group N Mean Rank PTS Total x Occupation Unemployed 57 68.
The PEQ and PSBS-T instruments, which have no validation study for the Brazilian context, passed through a semantic evaluation process and through the translation procedure and, after the modifications indicated by the judges were carried out, the instruments were backtranslated to the original language in order to verify the equivalence with the Portuguese version.
In a large network scenario, PEQ uses multi-hop communication, which is simple and effective for long distance communication [21].
PEQ Invest was set up this year and the investment in Emblacom the fund's first investment.
LCI = Locomotor Capabilities Index, PEQ = Prosthesis Evaluation Questionnaire, TSB = total surface bearing, VAS = visual analog scale, VASS = vacuum-assisted suspension system.
She serves as the PEQ Foundation's coordinator for the Filipino community on the East Coast.
The tripeptide PEQ was discovered to be the core epitope of gliadin antibodies by screening of phage-displayed peptide libraries for binding to IgA of celiac patients (19).
Arrangements were made to issue PEQ in Saudi Riyals for Hajj 2008, he said and added, the same arrangements would continue for Hajj-2009.