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Since its first report in 1743, the nematode was subsequently found in numerous countries and states of the world on wheat (Al-Talib et al., 1986; Brown, 1987; Gotke and Swarup, 1988; Esser et al., 1991; Kalha et al., 1992; Nath and Patkak, 1993; Riley and Reardon, 1995; CABI/EPPO, 2002; EPPO, 2014, 2015; Mohamedova and Piperkova, 2013; PERAL, 2015).
Sin embargo, es un aspecto necesario y fundamental para el estudio que propone Peral Vega precisamente por el papel principal que tienen Pierrot (Lorca) y Arlequin (Dali) dentro de la relacion personal y artistica de ambos genios.
"After coming to England, Orta enlisted Peral to work on Boro's recruitment.
El capitulo siguiente, "Love Game and Masquerade: Dali/Lorca," como indica el titulo, continua la linea de investigacion introducida en el capitulo anterior en el sentido que analiza la representacion de Pierrot, que Peral contrasta con la de Harlequin, para sugerir la idea de que El paseo de Buster Keaton y la de semejante tematica en algunos cuadros de Dali constituye un intercambio en clave entre estos dos amigos sobre la atraccion homosexual que aparentemente compartieron, mas explicita en uno y mas inhibida en el caso del pintor, quien opto por la figura de Harlequin por las connotaciones heterosexuales que asume tradicionalmente en algunas de estas expresiones artisticas.
These notions underpin Peral Vega's reading of Lorca's poems, plays, prose writings, and drawings, a reading that is centered on the Pierrot figure as it appears in number of those works, his principal contention being that Pierrot is "the most evident encoding of the poet's homosexuality" (1).
Hex Tie hit the scene in 2014 and was created by Enrique Alejandro Peral, a luxury men's fashion visionary with the heart and passion of an entrepreneur and the soul of an artist, both combined to create Hex Tie.
Peral and the accompanying delegation thanked the minister and Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) for the warm reception and hospitality and in giving them an opportunity to showcase the latest technologies in the water sector.
In the women's freestyle division, Bruna Kajiya of Brazil was the winner, beating Polish rider Karolina Winkowska who had defeated Angela Peral and Gisela Pulido, both of Spain to reach the final.