PERBPublic Employment Relations Board (Canada)
PERBPublic Employees Retirement Board (various states)
PERBPhoenix Employment Relations Board (Arizona)
PERBPerformance Evaluation Review Board
PERBProgram Evaluation Research Branch (US CDC)
PERBProfessional Engineers Registration Board (various locations)
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For a discussion of why a union or an employer might want the Act's coverage as opposed to state PERB coverage, and vice-versa, sec infra Part II.C.
(16) In Nanuet, PERB ruled that, in general, the decision by a school district to engage in videotape surveillance of a workplace for monitoring and investigating its employees is mandatorily negotiable under the Taylor Law.
When the Board of Regents refused to negotiate on the issue, the KNEA filed a complaint with the state Public Employee Relations Board (PERB).
Relations Board (PERB) appeared to collapse that distinction in Poway
But temporary recognition was removed after the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) ruled in favor of the university, essentially saying that the university was not required by law to recognize the graduate employee union.
Perb intervien quasi sempre, che e nelle arme e nelle altre virtuose operazioni gli omini piu segnalati sono nobili ...
In addition to careful research in Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) records, court transcripts, and newspapers, Donovan has conducted extensive interviews with some of the key players in the system's development and functioning.
Much of the law's success, according to Donovan and public sector union leaders, was due to the wise and skillful administration by the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) under the leadership of its first two chairmen, Robert Helsby and Harold Newman, Public sector employers are less enthusiastic about the PERB, considering it too pro-union.
For example, the judge dissented from a decision in which the court deferred to the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) when it invalidated restrictions the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) placed on the ability of its train operators to work a second job, for the simple reason that: (41)