PERBPerformance Evaluation Review Board
PERBProgram Evaluation Research Branch (US CDC)
PERBProfessional Engineers Registration Board (various locations)
PERBPublic Employees Retirement Board (various states)
PERBPublic Employment Relations Board (Canada)
PERBPhoenix Employment Relations Board (Arizona)
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In its decision the Kansas Supreme Court acknowledges that it is far from clear there is an absolute teacher exception to the work-for-hire doctrine, but concluded that the assumption of the administrative hearing officer, the PERB and the Court of Appeals that the work-for-hire doctrine would apply to any intellectual property created by PSU faculty is erroneous.
In its letter to PERB withdrawing its false charges that SEIU-UHW used coercion, physical threats, shout downs, and false statements during the 2009 election, NUHW attempts to cover its failure to offer proof by making yet new allegations against SEIU-UHW, charges for which they once again present not a shred of evidence.
Over the years, PERB has published decisions responding to employer
We conclude that the (hospital) district unreasonably withheld recognition of SEIU by treating the 'no union' slips as revoking the SEIU authorization cards,'' the PERB ruling said.
Vendor shall place digital image files as requested on CD s or thumb drives and provide two (2) complete sets to the PERB.
20 PERB [paragraph] 3047, at 3103 (1987) (noting there was no distinguishable boundary between work performed by the public and private sectors and, as a result, contracting out the service was "not improper").
This consultation relates to a pre-study and ATEX ATEX study assisted in the development of PERB, staff training ATEX risks and assistance in updating the PERB for sites hosting operating systems automatic radiosonde hydrogen.
The County claimed that the doctors were not County employees, despite a 2009 PERB ruling to the contrary.
The board has already said it's turning it over to the PERB board.
The approval of this contract is a major decision of the PERB that will benefit members for many years to come.
The board decided to send the ruling to PERB for full review to see if it's correct,'' said John Sullivan, vice president of human resources.