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PERCPublic Employment Relations Commission
PERCProperty and Environment Research Center
PERCPropane Education & Research Council
PERCPowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller (Dell)
PERCPublic Employees Relations Commission
PERCPreferred Equity Redemption Stock
PERCPortable Executive for Reliable Control (Java for embedded systems)
PERCPractice Expense Review Committee (healthcare)
PERCPermanent Employee Registration Card (State of Illinois)
PERCPulmonary Embolism Rule Out Criteria
PERCPalisades Emergency Residence Corporation
PERCPittsburgh Energy Research Center
PERCPowered Emergency Release Coupling (valve for loading arms)
PERCPersonalized Electronic Research Consultation
PERCPacific Energy and Resources Center (Sausalito, CA)
PERCProduct Evaluation Resource Center
PERCPer Event Reinsurance Cover
PERCPolitical and Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd (Hong Kong)
PERCPiedmont Emergency Relief Center (South Carolina)
PERCPatient Education Research Center (Stanford University)
PERCPacific Environment and Resources Center (Oakland, CA)
PERCPerchloroethylene (CAS Number 127-18-4)
PERCPolaris Electric Reverse Control
PERCPolitical Economy Research Center
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Sunrise CELCO technology, a combination of PERC method and proprietary know-how developed by Sunrise, has already achieved peak cell efficiency of 21.
Following a series of new PV module upgrades and introductions to the market this year, Suntech, via Alternergy, will be supplying its latest model, HyPro series, a new generation PERC solar module, to the UK solar market.
PERC provided Generac with funding and support for the development of the new 15kW EcoGen.
The Calibre PERC checks include: ESD CDM verification confirming that the transistor gate is not connected directly to a PAD, ESD protection on the IO PAD, and power management propagation rules to avoid HV signals connected to a low voltage device or domain.
There are half a dozen alternatives to perc for dry cleaning; each has its own benefits and limitations.
So-called wet cleaning--whereby cleaning professionals use small amounts of water, non-toxic detergents and conditioners (instead of perc and other harsh detergents) inside specially designed machines to get fine garments and other fabrics clean--is one of the most promising alternatives.
PERC Ultra in combination with the PikeOS virtualisation technology offers developers access to a POSIX PSE52 profile with asynchronous IO and socket communications.
These engines demonstrate the significant investment the propane industry is making to help school districts and commercial fleets have access to cost-effective alternative fuel solutions that are available today," said PERC president and CEO Roy Willis.
In New York City and many other urban areas, dry cleaners using perc are sometimes colocated with residences, offices, retail businesses, or food establishments and emit fugitive perc emissions that contaminate indoor air throughout the buildings where they are located (Schreiber et al.
There are other dry cleaning methods that don't use perc but still use solvents.
Other alternatives to perc in dry cleaning include carbon dioxide, wet cleaning methods, and alternative solvents.
Spokespersons/titles: Paul Culver, PERC agriculture advisory committee chair and senior vice president of propane operations, Cenex; Mark Leitman, PERC agriculture programs manager