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PERCSProgrammable Easy-to-Use Reliable Computing System
PERCSProgram to Enhance Relational and Communication Skills (est. 2002; Boston, MA)
PERCSProvincial Emergency Radio Communications Service
PERCSProductive, Easy-To-Use, Reliable Computing Systems
PERCSPreference Equity Redemption Cumulative Stock
PERCSProblem Evaluation and Reporting Control System
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Chung et al., "The PERCS high-performance interconnect," in Proceedings of the 18th IEEE Symposium on High Performance Interconnects (HOTI '10), pp.
During his visit, al-Hakimi got acquainted with the work nature and the tasks of the PERCs as well as the way of voter registration and the procedures of granting ballots.
After opening, by Al screen printing and rapid thermal process, PERCs with different openings were fabricated out.
The TRIPS prototype system is being developed under an $11.1m contract from DARPA, and the processor research is intended to dovetail with the PERCS high-performance contract that IBM and a bunch of other universities (including UT Austin) have just signed with DARPA.
The instruments have imaginative names, such as "dividend-paying convertible "convertible preferred shares," "stock appreciation-tied principal securities," and "tax advantage preferred securities." Besides the MIPS (monthly income preferred securities) discussed above, they have even more imaginative acronyms -- ELKS, PERCS, DECS, ACES, QUIPS, and about 40 more.
The total excludes unit offerings, shelf-registered offerings, mandatory conversion preferred stocks like PERCS, DECS, and ACES, and trust-preferred stocks.
In the private sector, new types of shares, "PERCS" (Economist, 1992, pp.
and some percs. I'll give you the percs for ten each.
* Obviously, some companies are compensating for the loss of major percs by doling our minor improvements in relatively inexpensive ones.
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