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PEREPrivate Equity Real Estate
PEREPerson Eligible to Receive Effects (US Army)
PEREPrimary Ethylene Response Element
PEREPCNA (Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen) E1A-Responsive Element (genetics)
PEREProximal Estrogen-Responsive Element (biochemistry)
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Residential assets witnessed over 73% (Rs 66,750 million / USD 1 billion) of the total PERE during Q3.
Lower Michigan was dominated by three major railroad companies during the steam era: New York Central, Grand Trunk Western, and Pere Marquette.
En decouvrant egalement l'amour de mon pere pour sa patrie, Aziz Moustapha va tenter de le convaincre de vendre sa societe gabonaise, pourtant fruit du travail d'une vie entiere.
Founder of two iconic bands in Rocket From The Tombs and Pere Ubu - he's a musician's musician, a true maverick.
Ni le pere, ni sa fille--dit-il--ne sont dupes du roman familial (<< papa etait en voyage d'affaire >>) invente pour faire face a l'indicible.
Dans le premier, le pere Lacroix se rappelle rapidement son enfance et ses annees de college.
We are hopeful we can get Notre Pere back to the standard we know he is capable of before the end of the season.
1985) a montre que la mere est plus portee que le pere a intervenir et a arreter l'enfant dans les activites a risque, bien que tous deux utilisent les memes baremes pour evaluer les risques.
Pere and Dymond outline their case in the introduction: "Here's our suggestion.
Segal said that Peres received permission from Netanyahu to search for a way through the diplomatic standstill "possibly because he wanted to use Peres to legitimize the peace talks and help maintain good foreign relations.
The truth is, Peres was never truly a peacemaker - he never labored to achieve fair and just political compromises that would preserve the dignity and rights of the Palestinians, along with securing the future of his people.