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PERFPerforation (stamp collecting)
PERFPolice Executive Research Forum (incorporated 1977)
PERFPublic Employees Retirement Fund
PERFPostal Employees' Relief Fund
PERFPerformance Requirements Framework
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Perf also took the microphone to render his version of Awit ng Kabataan.
PERF began its evaluation of the Eugene Police Department not long after those crimes, which shocked the community and shook the department.
Solid Waste District employees are the only full-time county government employees not enrolled in PERF. The eight employees, however, have individual retirement accounts to which the district contributes.
Perf. Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp, Alfred Molina, Lena Olin, Judi Dench.
PERF FOR Girlies with straight hair that's fine, medium or thick who don't mind doing their hair in the morning.
Established in 1976, PERF conducts police and criminal justice research and provides a variety of technical assistance programs to police agencies throughout the world.
There are three verbs (eight, if we count their aspectual pairs) that allow the dative alternation in Croatian: darivati (IMPF/ITER)/darovati (PERF)/podariti (PERF) 'to give as a gift', nuditi (IMPF)/ponuditi (PERF) 'to offer', and sluziti (IMPF)/posluziti (PERF)/posluzivati (ITER) 'to serve'.
Perf. Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Billy Crystal.
The National Ballet's long-awaited premiere perf. of "Giselle" was a great success.
A Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) publication, Information Management and Crime Analysis: Practitioners' Recipes for Success, presents an overview crime analysis and, in individual chapters, provides examples of how different departments have used information technology to accomplish their crime analysis goals.
All in all, the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) concluded that EPD has a sound recruitment and hiring process, has a strong representation of women in supervisory ranks, and is an overall good organization to work for.