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PERFECTPerformance Evaluation for Cost Effective Transformations
PERFECTPainless Electronic Reprogrammable Fuel and Engine Control Technology (electronics; automobiles)
PERFECTPeoria Educational Region for Employment and Career Training (Peoria, IL)
PERFECTProcess Enhancement for Reduction of Software Defects
PERFECTPeroxide in Fuel Estimation and Concentration Test
PERFECTPurpose Effect Recipient Future Employment Comparison Toward (mnemonic for uses of the Spanish word para)
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What was my working hypothesis of the Perfect Woman, towards whom I was thus leisurely strolling?
that all the things which we clearly and distinctly conceive are true, is certain only because God is or exists and because he is a Perfect Being, and because all that we possess is derived from him: whence it follows that our ideas or notions, which to the extent of their clearness and distinctness are real, and proceed from God, must to that extent be true.
An animal perfectly in harmony with its environment is a perfect mechanism.
It will be much more convenient to discuss this question in the chapter on the Imperfection of the geological record; and I will here only state that I believe the answer mainly lies in the record being incomparably less perfect than is generally supposed; the imperfection of the record being chiefly due to organic beings not inhabiting profound depths of the sea, and to their remains being embedded and preserved to a future age only in masses of sediment sufficiently thick and extensive to withstand an enormous amount of future degradation; and such fossiliferous masses can be accumulated only where much sediment is deposited on the shallow bed of the sea, whilst it slowly subsides.
Had she been less beautiful,--if Envy's self could have found aught else to sneer at,--he might have felt his affection heightened by the prettiness of this mimic hand, now vaguely portrayed, now lost, now stealing forth again and glimmering to and fro with every pulse of emotion that throbbed within her heart; but seeing her otherwise so perfect, he found this one defect grow more and more intolerable with every moment of their united lives.
Close beneath her lips La saw the perfect features of the forest god and into her woman's heart welled all the great love she had felt for Tarzan since first she had seen him, and all the accumulated passion of the years that she had dreamed of him.
The despotism of heaven is the one absolutely perfect government.
Can it be that I have so misbehaved to a perfect Circle?
There was a perfect bank, on which there was not more than nine fathoms of water, whilst on either side the depth was ninety fathoms.
A tragedy, then, to be perfect according to the rules of art should be of this construction.
They perfect nature, and are perfected by experience: for natural abilities are like natural plants, that need proyning, by study; and studies themselves, do give forth directions too much at large, except they be bounded in by experience.
You say that perfect injustice is more gainful than perfect justice?