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PERGPattern Electroretinogram
PERGPhysics Education Research Group (various locations)
PERGPeatland Ecology Research Group (Canada)
PERGPhotonics and Web Engineering Research Group (faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of Technology)
PERGProgram Evaluation & Research Group
PERGProject Engineering Requirements Group
PERGProject Engineering Review Group
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Pattern electroretinogram (PERG) was recorded with the RETI-port/scan 21 (Roland Consult, Brandenburg, Germany) using an implemented protocol in the system software.
Our findings of increased amplitudes of pERG responses, significant for the P50 waves and insignificant for the N95 waves, indicated the positive effect of rheohaemapheresis treatment on the central regions of the retina and ganglion cells in patients after rheohaemapheresis.
He approaches this task with a particular focus on the legendary Orvar-Odds saga through (i) an exploration of its place in the AM 343a 4to manuscript where it is one among fifteen (nine being fornaldarsogur), (ii) a synchronic analysis of two contemporaneous manuscript testaments to this saga (AM 343a 4to and AM 471 4to), and (iii) a diachronic analysis of saga variants in manuscripts Holm perg 7 4to and AM 343a 4to.
Massachusetts, University of Massachusetts, Physics Education Research Group Technical Report PERG, 1999.
(37) Patients in the forskolin supplement group experienced a further decrease in intraocular pressure and an improvement in Pattern Electroretinogram (PERG) amplitude--an electrical retinal response caused by stimuli in the visual field.
The pattern electroretinogram (PERG) measures the electrical activity generated by neural and nonneuronal cells in the retina in response to a light stimulus and reflects functional changes in the retina.
This included 27 cases of compelling evidence for mfERGs (therefore, out of 29, 93.1% of all mfERG cases were compelling), 25 for implicit times, both b-wave and 30 Hz flicker (86%), 23 for the magnitude of various combinations of oscillatory potentials (77%), and 16 for PERG and VEPs (64% and 89% of studies showed compelling evidence, respectively).
The pattern ERG (PERG) test presents three peaks: negative-positive-negative, which are observed at 35-50-95 ms, respectively [46].
S'agissant du programme d'AaAaAeA@lectrification rurale global (PERG) lanc depuis 1996, M.