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PERLSPrincipal Exchange-Rate-Linked Security (finance)
PERLSPreferred Exchangeable Resettable Listed Shares
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"We need international governance, market and environmental regulation and long-term, peer-reviewed environmental and health risk assessments on these new technologies before we even begin the discussion on a role they might play in the future of food," Perls said.
Caption: Figure 2: Liver biopsy 18 months after OLT demonstrating heavy granular iron deposition in hepatocytes and macrophages corresponding to hemosiderosis (Perls' stain).
Perls staining of the explanted heart and a biopsy of the heart allograft were negative.
Perls, "Centenarians: the older you get, the healthier you have been," Lancet, vol.
Perls, "Typologies of extreme longevity myths," Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research, vol.
The hepatic tissues submitted to Perls histochemical reaction presented normal tissue interspersed with different Fe+++ deposit degrees.
An exact calculation of this risk factor is not possible here, but the male/female mortality ratio that would apply to a cohort in early adulthood, that was born on average around 1910, appears to be only about 1.1 - 1.2 (Perls & Fretts, 1998).
The Group is also considering the issue of a Tier 1 capital instrument to replace PERLS III should markets be receptive.
Although mindfulness has existed for centuries, it was not used as a stand-alone practice until 1969 when Psychologist, Fritz Perls, used it in an attempt to unify the mind, body, and spirit with Gestalt Therapy (Bayles, 2014).
Then, in 1964, three young, avid white blues fans and record collectors--Dick Waterman, Nick Perls and Phil Spiro--found House in Rochester and convinced him to start playing publicly again.