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Perme, seeming as handsome, fit and dark as ever (his bronze hue is a pool tan, he says), was framed by light from the front door, where he first crossed the threshold 34 years ago.
No entanto, em 2014, Perme e colaboradores (17) desenvolveram um escore especifico para mensurar a mobilidade funcional, levando em consideracao diversos aspectos, especialmente as barreiras extrinsecas, de forma a padronizar a avaliacao do paciente na UTI.
Early mobility was associated with short-term benefits, such as more ventilator-free days, shorter duration of delirium, lower mean daily sedative doses (Banerjee, Girard, & Pandharipande, 2011; Needham et al., 2010; Schweickert et al., 2009), reduced length of critical care and hospital stay (Morris et al., 2008), less ventilator-associated pneumonia (Caravello, Nemeth, & Dumas, 2010), improved functional outcomes (Burtin et al., 2009; Schweickert et al., 2009), improved quality of life, reduced overall hospital costs (Perme & Chandrashekar, 2009), survival (Morris et al., 2011), and less physical disability (Bailey et al., 2007) in the first year after hospital discharge.
Task Force on Supplemental Oxygen: Ellen Hillegass, PT, EdD, CCS, FAACVPR, FAPTA; Ann Fick, PT, DPT, MS, CCS; Amy Pawlik, PT, DPT, CCS; Rebecca Crouch, PT, DPT, CCS, FAACVPR; Christiane Perme, PT, CCS; Rohini Chandrashekar, PT, DPT, CCS; Susan Butler McNamara, PT, MMSc, CCS; Lawrence P.
[Andreas Tolk, A common framework for military MandS and C4I Systems,2003 Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop, OrlandoFlorida, 2003]David Perme et al, summarized the current integration of air operations BML with ground operations BML and recommends how to approach future challenges.
Sections of mucosa were mounted in Franz Type Diffusion Cells (Perme Gear, Inc., Hellertown, PA, USA) and equilibrated for 0.5 hours at 37[degrees]C by adding PBS (pH 7.4) to both the acceptor and donor compartments.
Peklenik J., Klanjgcek M., Konjajev A., Logar B., Perme, T., Sluga A., Vengust I., Bervar G.
Swift's David Perme told us that more of Swift's work has concentrated on the downstream side of the acetone rather than the upstream, biomass side.
Agnessa-len vanm-iz perme (PN-GEN everything-3sc turn out-PRES/3SG) 'Agressa arrives to do everything' (No.