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PERMITPi Eta Risk Management Information Technology (Pi Eta Consulting Company; Singapore)
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But in republics there is more vitality, greater hatred, and more desire for vengeance, which will never permit them to allow the memory of their former liberty to rest; so that the safest way is to destroy them or to reside there.
"But you have no right--no man has the right--to tell me what he will permit or not permit.
"In one breath you tell me I must go, and in the next breath you tell me there is no place to go and that you will not permit me to go.
They were not wanted, as their offspring might inherit and transmit the tendency to prolonged incubation, and thus upset the system which has maintained for ages and which permits the adult Martians to figure the proper time for return to the incubators, almost to an hour.
``my time in this castle will not permit me to exercise the duties of mine office I must presently forth there is life and death upon my speed.''
The consequence is that he permits the bashaws or governors of provinces to pillage the people without mercy; and, in turn, squeezes out of them the sums of which he stands in need, to satisfy his own exigencies and those of the state.
Permit me to offer you my card, and should the time come when I may serve you, remember that I am yours to command."
For this reason I shall gladly permit you to offer an apology, and on receiving your assurances that you will not again interfere in affairs that do not concern you, I shall drop the matter.
The EO indicated that business establishments that have public health, safety or security concerns shall only be allowed to do business under a provisional business permit, pending compliance with the requirements and full inspection and verification of the city's inspection team.
The regular fee for a special work permit is P6,400.
A $644,136 alteration permit was issued for a renovation to the showroom of Jim Fisher Volvo at 2108 W.