PERMREPpermanent representative (NATO)
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When Turkey's PermRep requested that the NAC direct the NMAs to prepare such plans for consideration by the NAC, three allied PermReps--soon revealed to be those of Belgium, France, and Germany--again objected.
When a written decision or statement of position is deemed necessary, but some or all of the Permanent Representatives (PermReps) or their alternates cannot provide their respective authoritative national positions at the time of a specific NAC or committee meeting, the Secretary General or relevant committee chairperson may opt to circulate the draft proposal under a silence procedure.
Lagdameo and PermRep Asuque during the celebration were Deputy PermRep Senen Mangalile, Alternate PermRep Emma Sarne, and Mr.
The Boholano prelate will exchange notes with our PermRep Ambassador Cabactulan from Camiguin.