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PERQProfessions Education Researcher Quarterly (publication; American Educational Research Association)
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Salesforce had a lot of great tracking and analytics, but it didn't help us figure out where we were and where we needed work in the sales process," Stephanie Thompson, director of marketing success at PERQ, says.
After evaluating the products of three companies, PERQ turned to Salesvue in January 2014 for its sales acceleration and business intelligence solution.
For PERQ, the analysis revealed that reps needed to make more attempts to reach prospects.
Today, more than 20 people at PERQ are using Salesvue, and the company has tripled its amount of licenses.
Though PERQ hasn't made a routine of measuring ROI, it is confident Salesvue has been working as well as ever.
Before adopting Salesvue's technology in January 2014, PERQ had been using a straight Salesforce solution to track customer engagements.
Stephanie Thompson, marketing success director for PERQ, explains that her agents were spending far too much time trying to figure out where they were in the sales cycle with each client.
PERQ had been making, on average, six calls to prospects before giving up.
The solution also helped PERQ make staffing decisions based on data-driven management.