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PERRLAPupils Equal, Round, Reactive to Light and Accommodation (Medical)
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HEENT: Head: Normocephalic, atraumatic; Ears: TM's intact; positive light reflex and bony prominences evident; hearing normal by whisper test; Eyes: Vision 20/20; PERRLA, EOMs are full and without nystagmus, fundoscopic exam is noncontributory; Nose: midline, mucosa is pale and boggy, nonerythematous; Throat and mouth: gums pink, moist without lesions, teeth in good alignment and in good repair, pharynx slightly erythematous without lesions, tonsils are 1+ bilaterally; uvula midline; slightly sour mouth odor.
No risk factor for vascular disease except HTN.[3]" On exam, the physician documents "mild swelling right eye, eye--EOMI,[4] PERRLA.[5] Fundus--neg,[6] visual field intact, vision 11/100 bilaterally.
PERRLA without afferent pupillary defect (APD); bilateral nystagmus noted.
Irises green, pupils 3 mm, PERRLA. EOMs intact, without nystagmus.