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PERRYPrevention Evaluation Research Registry for Youth (US CDC)
PERRYPercentage Ready
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It will be seven hundred feet, Perry," I said, "by the time you can turn her into the horizontal.
There was no need for words--at least none that I could imagine, unless Perry desired to pray.
But to my astonishment I discovered that with death staring him in the face Abner Perry was transformed into a new being.
You leave off bullying me about Perry, and I'll tell you what I'll do--I'll let you see me take a Sprint.
Glenarm hated Perry, Perry (judging by appearances) was in no danger of loving Mrs.
She glided along by his side, with subtle undulations of movement which appeared to complete the exasperation of Perry.
Perry was surprized to hear you had fixed upon South End.
Perry was a week at Cromer once, and he holds it to be the best of all the seabathing places.
my dear, as Perry says, where health is at stake, nothing else should be considered; and if one is to travel, there is not much to chuse between forty miles and an hundred.
Perry alone could have possibly guessed the meaning of the loud report or explained its connection with the sudden collapse of the Sagoth.
As I ran forward toward Perry I fired four more shots, dropping three of our antagonists.
And then Perry turned and threw his arms about my neck and, burying his old face upon my shoulder, wept like a child.