PERSCOPersonnel Support for Contingency Operations
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During this transition period, outgoing personnel must do a turnover with their replacement, such as clear out of their dorm and out-process from various base activities, their unit, and PERSCO. They must also satisfy the host nation's exit criteria and customs requirements.
Last, the read file included a quick reference section containing current battle staff directives, the latest rotation schedule, and the weekly PERSCO strength report.
Split shift duties ensured all rotator operations (arrival, billeting, food, weapons storage, customs, immigration, and initial PERSCO processing) had senior leader oversight to ensure smooth and consistent flow, and to address and resolve any immediate issues.
The group commander wanted a PERSCO person to find out their specific locations so their personnel needs wouldn't fall through the cracks.
Turro posted a "Hostile Fire Pay" sign-up sheet at the office, and within 24 hours he was able to provide PERSCO with accurate information on the number of deployed personnel.