PERSCOMPersonnel Command (US Army)
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I'll use this opportunity to put in another plug for the Assignment Satisfaction Key (ASK) program that can be found on the Army Knowledge Online Web site <> and the PERSCOM Web site <>.
General officers may select an aide "from within their command or request aide nominations from the Officer Personnel Management Directorate (OPMD), PERSCOM." (9) Whoever chooses the junior officer, selection as an aide de camp commonly distinguishes young officers from their peers.
2 Allow PERSCOM to completely cut those unfilled WO positions and reduce the total MOS population.
After the War College, COL Bartlett served as the MI Branch Chief at PERSCOM, responsible for assignments and professional development for MI officers.
Personnel officers in Kuwait, Uzbekistan and other countries in the theater of operation can also e-mail OERs, PERSCOM officials said.
Army Personnel Command (PERSCOM) directly impact the careers of field grade officers and noncommissioned officers.
The Army announced in April that it will create a single command to perform the functions of the Total Army Personnel Command (PERSCOM) in Alexandria, Virginia, and the Army Reserve Personnel Command (AR-PERSCOM) in St.
Total Army Personnel Command (PERSCOM) no later than November 1, 2002.
In an attempt for soldiers to be more involved in their own careers, PERSCOM implemented the Assignment Satisfaction Key (ASK).
In the third-quarter 2000 edition of the Army's Resource Management publication, we began a new section tided "FA 45 Focus." The section--similar to this one--provides to our military audience information and items of interest from both the Proponency Office and the Army Personnel Command (PERSCOM) career manager.
Army PERSCOM (Gulf War Declassification Project), Physicians' Online (physician referral), GTE Bastille (law enforcement service), Aspen Systems (for a major government agency Web site), and InfoPlease (a provider of online almanac and encyclopedia content).
The theater PERSCOM manages critical personnel systems and synchronizes personnel network operations throughout the theater." [FM 12-6 was replaced by FM 1-0.]