PERSERECDefense Personnel Security Research Center (US DoD; formerly Personnel Security Research and Education Center)
PERSERECPersonnel Security Research and Education Center (US DoD; Defense Personnel Security Research Center)
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He added that "one of the reasons for the formation of PERSEREC was to have somebody study whether there are behavioral or personality indicators which would indicate who is likely to go bad.
Mainly due to a congressional determination that little or no espionage-focused behavioral science existed in the United States, the secretary of defense established the Defense Personnel Security Research and Education Center (PERSEREC) in 1986.
PERSEREC has acted on these study findings and developed a brochure, the aforementioned Counterintelligence Reporting Essentials (CORE).
Suzanne Wood recently retired from PERSEREC and is now a consultant to Northrop Grumman.
The following discussion of why people will or will not report on their colleagues is drawn from this PERSEREC study.
Evidence about security risks is almost necessarily anecdotal; therefore, according the PERSEREC study, policy positions on security clearances depend heavily on the "beliefs we hold about human nature[, which] are more theory-driven than data-driven" (Sarbin 1991, 8).