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PERSIPublic Employee Retirement System of Idaho
PERSIPractice, Education and Research for Sustainable Infrastructure (est. 2006)
PERSIPluto Exploration Remote Sensing Investigation
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Sorooshian, S., and Coauthors, 2000: Evaluation of PERSI ANN system satellite-based estimates of tropical rainfall.
Several policymakers have noted that Ambassador Cameron Munter set a positive precedent that allowed for the development of CVE programming and coordinating mechanisms such as PERSI.
Aparentemente aun persi sten algunas diferencias de genero, y los matices entre actividades economicas son importantes, al igual que los problemas de calidad entre los distintos niveles de formacion (Weller & Roethlisberger, 2011).
Persi, and V Calvisi, "Spontaneous compartment syndrome in a patient with diabetes and statin administration: a case report," Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, vol.
202-04: "el tempo che ho con epso mai no' l persi. / El m'ha donato, el m'ha pur fatto grande, / lui mi e reffugio ne' mei controversi".
There are 33 on-site programs in the state similar to the program at ECCO, said Crystal Persi, the state Department of Education's teen parent and child development programs consultant.
Not if Stanford University's professor of mathematics and statistics, Persi Diaconis, is right.
Federal Census data (1790-1940) with images and name indexes, a Periodical Source Index (PERSI) Archive (1800-2009), the Freedman's Bank Records with digitized page views, U.S.
Additionally, Persi and Pasquali (1999) suggest that individuals implementing reported restraint procedures may simply be less likely to use reported restraints on larger and stronger individuals, given the possibility of injury to themselves.
Ma e necessario anche ricordare che essi non si sono affatto persi d'animo di fronte a questa responsabilita.
They relate to mainstream and more mathematical topics appealing to mathematicians and enthusiasts, including whether bees can count, the significance of the number 13, Sudoku puzzles, perfect numbers, pi, the Pythagorean theorem, the body mass index, and figures like Paul Erdos, Gian-Carlo Rota, Persi Diaconis, Daniel Biss, and Caroline Lasser.