PERSTEMPOPersonnel Tempo
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While the PERSTEMPO benefits for the students are significant at the satellite locations, the diversity of available networking opportunities and student-infused perspectives from other commands, regions, and staffs represents a downside.
PERSTEMPO and AF-IPPS: The Air Force should include personnel operations tempo accounting in the new integrated pay and personnel system.
Increases in OPSTEMPO and PERSTEMPO have negatively affected both equipment and personnel, forcing both to work longer and harder.
In recent years, the army addressed perstempo strains by limiting
(4) CRS Report 98-41, Military Readiness, Operations Tempo (OPTEMPO) and Personnel Tempo (PERSTEMPO): Are U.S.
(35) See for example James Hosek and Mark Totten, Does Perstempo Hurt Reenlistment?
are placing at risk the decisive military edge that this nation enjoyed at the end of the Cold War ..." (3) Other studies began to highlight problems stemming from the operating tempo of units (OPTEMPO) and personnel (PERSTEMPO).
(4) For example: CRS Report 98-41 F, Military Readiness, Operations Tempo (OPTEMPO) and Personnel Tempo (PERSTEMPO): Are U.S.
The area in which peacekeeping most affects readiness is the stress that frequent deployments have placed on certain troops--the so-called increase in Operational tempo (optempo) and personnel tempo (perstempo).