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PERVPorcine Endogenous Retrovirus
PERVProgressive Evolution of a Rock Vision (band)
PERVPricing Engine Request Viewer (software; Oracle)
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Previously, PERV positive BAC clones were screened from KNP and NIH miniature pig BAC libraries in Korea (Jung et al.
Fishman's lab has developed diagnostic assays, not only for PERV but for many other infective agents known to exist in the donor herd.
characterize three sub-classes of PERV (A, B and C) that are found in the herd of inbred miniature swine.
Increased levels of circulating PERV virus have not been detected in the GalT-KO swine or in immunosuppressed baboon recipients of GalT-KO grafts (Issa et al.
BioTransplant has been awarded an SBIR Phase I grant for further study of the genetic basis of the absence of human-tropic PERV.
Although several studies have failed to detect PERV infection in humans exposed to pig cells, the researchers suggest this may be because scientists conducting these studies monitored infection via peripheral blood, which PERV may not infect.
20 SCIENCE, however, indicates that pig-tissue treatments don't infect humans with PERV.
WE are going to hear a lot about PERVs - Porcine Endogenous RetroViruses - virus fragments in pig tissues that may transfer to humans given pig organ transplants.
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PERV weatherman Fred Talbot is unlikely to face prosecution over allegations of abuse in Scotland, a court heard yesterday.
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