PES5Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (game)
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PES5's tempo has been toned down, so you get a more realistic pace to games.
PES5 rewards careful, deliberate play: early doors you'll find your shots flying high and wide, but practice makes perfect and you'll soon be banging them in.
Graphically, PES5 has benefited from a customary tweak, but it's still not quite so good looking as FIFA 06 - just as well it totally plays FIFA off the park for gameplay.
When the three mixer types (tangential ZZ2, F4W, intermeshing: PES5) were compared (figures 5a-c and 6a,b), the mixer with the F4W-tangeutial rotor geometry performed best, this in spite of the tact that energy absorption and total number of revolutions were lower.
Table 1--mixing equipment used in the comparative investigation of the silanization efficiency Volume Rotor geometry T4 3.6 liter Tangential (ZZ2) I5 5.5 liter Intermeshing (PES5) T7 7.6 liter Tangential (F4W) I45 45.0 liter Intermeshing (PES45) I320 320.0 liter Intermeshing Figure 3a-effect of pressureless mixing on viscosity for different mixer types and fill factors ML(1+4), 100[degrees]C, [MU] Ram down (standard process) Ram up (open mixer) Standard fill factor: T4 60% I5 60% Optimized fill factor: I45 40% T7 45% Silanization temp.
PES5 features more licensed clubs, including Celtic, Arsenal, Chelsea and Porto, and all versions feature online play, with up to four players competing online in two-against-two matches.
PES5's much-heralded gameplay has also been refined, with more emphasis on ball control and the physical nature of the beautiful game.
Xbox owners have been able to enjoy PES4 online already but PS2 owners will be keeping their fingers crossed that this feature will make it into PS2 versions of PES5 as standard