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PESCAPickering East Shore Community Association (Canada)
PESCAProof Editor for Sequent Calculus (teaching program; software)
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I had hardly rung the bell before the house door was opened violently; my worthy Italian friend, Professor Pesca, appeared in the servant's place; and darted out joyously to receive me, with a shrill foreign parody on an English cheer.
If we had been engaged in any exercise peculiar to my own nation I should, of course, have looked after Pesca carefully; but as foreigners are generally quite as well able to take care of themselves in the water as Englishmen, it never occurred to me that the art of swimming might merely add one more to the list of manly exercises which the Professor believed that he could learn impromptu.
If I had not dived for Professor Pesca when he lay under water on his shingle bed, I should in all human probability never have been connected with the story which these pages will relate--I should never, perhaps, have heard even the name of the woman who has lived in all my thoughts, who has possessed herself of all my energies, who has become the one guiding influence that now directs the purpose of my life.
The members of the Alliance -- Grupomar, Herdez Del Fuerte, Pesca Azteca, and Procesa -- made this voluntary decision after working with Mexico's National Commission for Fisheries and Aquaculture (CONAPESCA) and National Fisheries Institute (INAPESCA) as well as scientific experts at the InterAmerican Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) to develop a strategy for the recovery of bluefin, which faces severe pressure from overfishing, and to continue to advance Mexico's position as a leader in sustainable fisheries.
Our guide service, Charly's Pesca, based out of Bamby's fishing camp, provided all the required equipment.
Backers of the Ley de Pesca say it will stabilize the industry in two ways: first, by ensuring that fishing companies like Corpesca keep their operating licenses and relative share of the available catch quotas--for easily renewable, 20-year periods; and second, by using environmental criteria to better regulate those catch quotas.
Neste, as interacoes tecnicas entre as distintas frotas, principalmente em relacao ao carater alvo/fauna acompanhante, variam em relacao ao volume de captura, ao poder de pesca e a seletividade do aparelho (SPARRE; VENEMA, 1997).
Siempre que los ecosistemas marinos sean todavia diversos desde el punto de vista biologico, pueden recuperarse rapidamente tina vez que la pesca excesiva y otras amenazas se vean reducidas, afirmaron los investigadores.
While on the surface L'intagliatore di noccioli di pesca can be read as a lighthearted meditation on cultural-economic-touristic practices in today's Italy, in which Orengo's friends (and perhaps his enemies as well?
Ma la corrispondenza tra l'immagine ideale della citta e la struttura circolare della commedia, che la Pesca mette a fuoco nelle commedie dell'Ariosto, del Bibbiena e del Machiavelli, non regge all'inarrestabile evoluzione cui il genere e destinato attraverso il secolo.
Continuing board members include: Karen Acker, KA Consulting; Robert Barash, Multi-Services Strategy; Lou Della Pesca, 3C; Rachel Gertzog, Access Worldwide; Mr.
The nature of Lesra's adopted family in Toronto is never explained in a satisfactory way; the character of Detective Vincent Della Pesca (Dan Hedaya), Carter's nemesis is two dimensional and not fully developed.