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PESIPerma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc
PESIProfessional Education Systems, Inc. (Eau Claire, WI)
PESIProfessional Education Systems Institute (Eau Claire, WI)
PESIPizza Equipment Supply, Inc
PESIPrime Electronics & Satellitics, Inc. (Taiwan)
PESIPipeline Engineering Solutions, Inc.
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h-FABP and PESI gave best prognostic performance for death within 30 days.
Physicians applying this practice changer should use the PESI to ensure that outpatient treatment for PE is used only for individuals at low risk.
Moores acknowledged that the PESI model is "harder to get your hands around" than the Geneva model, but said some of the most intriguing data of 2007 suggests that the PESI is "more accurate and clinically useful.
PESI said the book is a guide on such topics as: how to determine the viability of a case; outside factors impacting a case; using expert witnesses; records research; and, the impact of Medicare and Medicaid.
PESI said the new title offers strategies for communicating with a jury within the courtroom environment.
Sponsor: PESI HealthCare Title: Respiratory Emergencies: Key Interventions in a Crisis Date(s): September 17, 2007--St.
PESI (Eau Claire, WI) has published Case Assessment: Theories, Evidence and Experts, a guide on "how to be successful in the growing field of nursing home litigation.