PESITPeople's Education Society Institute of Technology (Bangalore, India)
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PES Institute of Technology has had a long running partnership with PACE, since March 2007, when PESIT became India's first PACE Institute.
The Project was guided by Prof Satish SV, Mechanical Engineering Department, PESIT.
PESIT also will receive technical, educational aid and automotive parts for students.
As part of its effort to promote the development of automotive engineering and foster automotive industry talent in India, GM will participate in setting up a product lifecycle management (PLM) education program with PESIT and PACE.
Since being selected as a PACE Institution in 2006, PESIT students have been paired with graduate students and GMTC-I engineers to undertake a project throughout their summer and winter vacations using software and hardware provided by PACE.
PESIT is currently participating in the PACE Global Vehicle Collaboration Project, which involves the development of a next-generation concept vehicle by 21 PACE Institutions around the world.
It is a matter of great importance that PESIT has been chosen by the PACE worldwide network as the first and only institution from India as a partner in the program.
Bringing PACE to PESIT is an extension of GM's commitment to India's automotive industry and the development of the next generation of industry professionals," said Sheila Sarver, Director - Engineering and Operations, GMTC-I.
PESIT graduates will be highly-skilled, knowledgeable and ready to work in this exciting field.