PESPPacket Elementary Stream Priority
PESPPesticide Environmental Stewardship Program
PESPPeriodic Event Scheduling Problem
PESPPsychiatric Emergency Screening Program
PESPPartnership to Eliminate Sweatshops
PESPPost-Extrasystolic Potentiation
PESPPrudential Employee Savings Plan
PESPParty Escort Submission Position (gaming clan)
PESPPolitical Economy and Social Philosophy (Istanbul Bilgi University; Turkey)
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Linder the base PESP program, what's covered is the unscheduled failure of major engine components.
These rates vary by aircraft, but for the Cirrus SR22, the enrollment fee for the base PESP program is $7725, which covers unscheduled component replacement for 600 hours of flight time, or for three years and up to 200 flight hours per year.
The PESP Plus (for a $13,334 enrollment fee) is a similar program, but it also includes accessory replacement.
However, several cases have been reported where firms have not implemented in full the basic terms of the PESP because of trading difficulties or in order to protect existing markets.
The technology showcased was conducted with pure feeding of PESP to bangus, tilapia, crabs and prawns.
In general, the PESP and its predecessor, the Programme for National Recovery, have permitted the formation of a valuable consensus, whereby real wages have, on average, grown more slowly than productivity.
The primary objective of this technical assistance is to deliver the School Construction & Rehabilitation Component of KESP (up to 60 million GBP DFID Contribution and 20 million GBP other donor Contribution) in KP and the School Construction & Rehabilitation Component of PESP II (up to Au104 million) in Punjab.
The PESP accord has greatly reduced the risk of inflation accelerating
The PESP terms also apply to public sector employees.
Beyond 1991, it is equally important that implementation of the discretionary elements of the PESP which involve higher public spending be limited to whatever can be undertaken within this fiscal constraint.