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PESQPerceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (ITU-T)
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Today, mainly two standards are used for analysing voice quality in mobile networks - PESQ and POLQA.
Sukurtoje balso kokybes vertinimo sistemoje panaudotas PESQ algoritmas.
The current PESQ requirement states that the system under test must achieve a score of 3.
A good example of voice quality testing systems can be seen in a typical GL Communications system comprised of PC-based software, which is capable of executing PAMS, PSQM/PSM+, and the PESQ algorithms which are capable of comparing a test signal and a degraded version that has been passed through a distorting system.
Nemo Walker Air features include POLQA and PESQ voice quality testing, forcing features, YouTube video streaming, and live outdoor map support with BTS icons.
PESQ provides objective measurement of subjective listening tests on telephony systems.
Analysis of IP calls to the UK, made using voice over LTE (VoLTE), found the quality to be 'excellent' on average; measured according to ITU-T PESQ MOS analysis algorithms, with only 1 call in 298 being of inferior quality.
With the new Nemo Outdoor features, such as locking and forcing capabilities, simultaneous POLQA and PESQ measurements and enhanced measurement capacity, operators can now improve QoE by more effectively focusing their test procedures to measure voice and data quality in mobile broadband networks.
8220;The VQT software also supports other international standard voice quality test methods including PESQ (ITU-T P.
Earlier voice quality evaluation solutions were based on the PESQ standard, which was not optimized to test wideband voice quality.
After the great success with PESQ - the industry standard for telephony voice quality testing with more than 30.
Perform voice quality measurement as per ITU-T standards - PESQ, PSQM, and PAMS using vHandi[TM] with Voice Quality Test (VQT) software