PESRPseudoequivalent Service Rounds
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PESR has been successfully used to monitor the search of model structure for various applications [16,17].
Table 3 shows the produced PESR values against different values of [lambda], where the first valley is highlighted by bold font.
Window function Mean Standard deviation Rectangular 159.21 34.39 Triangular 196.81 23.92 Hann 194.92 17.94 Blackman 195.90 14.94 Welch 188.72 14.21 Table 3: PESR values for different numbers of selected model terms against different values of A.
This is our sixth project and it builds on the success of our previous cooperation with the government and PESR. We believe this investment will play a vital role in improving important connections within Macedonia and with the EU.
Aleksandar Stojanov, Acting General Manager of PESR, said: Our intensive cooperation with the EBRD is testimony to our commitment to the development of the national roads infrastructure.
Project Description : The EBRD is considering a senior loan of up to EUR 64 million to the Public Enterprise for State Roads ( PESR , the Company ).
Setting standards for corporate governance and business conduct: the project will help PESR to strengthen its capacity to manage its assets and operations effectively by supporting an establishment of a new Motorway Management Unit (MMU).
The consultingservices ("the Services") include: (i) establishing andputting in operation the Road Safety Unit in PESR, (ii) preparing road safety audit guidelines and manuals; (iii) carrying outtraining for the Road Safety Unit staff and relevant staff in PESR; and (iv) developing a nation-wide road safetyprogram.
A sovereign guaranteed loan of up to 160 million will be extended in two tranches to the Public Enterprise for State Roads (PESR), a company fully owned by FYR Macedonia, and responsible for the operation and maintenance of the national and regional road networks in the country.
Expression of interest for Consultancy services for assistance to Public enterprise for state roads (PESR) in carrying out preparatory activities for introduction of road asset management system.
The objectives of the services are to provide guidance to PESR in the initial activities related to the introduction of RAMS.
Improving standards for corporate governance and business conduct: IT capacity building to help PESR manage its assets and implement investments more efficiently; ISO 9001 certification for quality management.