PESSPhysical Education and Sports Science (various schools)
PESSProgrammable Electronic Safety System
PESSPure Energy Sound System (music)
PESSPsychiatric Emergency Screening Services
PESSPost Enucleation Socket Syndrome
PESSPublic Employees’ Social Security (Colorado)
PESSPower Engineering Services and Solutions (San Jose, CA)
PESSProgrammable Electronic Sub-Systems
PESSProgrammable Escape System Sequencer
PESSPing Estimating Services (Australia)
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Both PESs have similar molecular weights (around 35 kg/mol in PS equivalent measured by Gel Permeation Chromatography).
A statement issued by the PESS on Sunday said that the society distanced itself from a decision taken by the Ex-Servicemen Legal Forum to challenge in court the Pemra's directives that retired officers take permission from the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) before appearing on television.
PESS fully supports the decisions of the Pakistan Government and its armed forces.
A multitude of restoration metrics encompassing abiotic and biotic characteristics exist (Pess et al., 2005) and the responses by each may vary considerably.
Strategy for Central America, the regional Alliance for Prosperity initiative launched by the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, and the Government of El Salvador's national-level Plan El Salvador Seguro (PESS) all include various programs to improve El Salvador's security.
PESs were employed to investigate excited-state reaction mechanisms and proton transfer in a complex molecule (2-(2'-hydroxyphenyl)benzimidazole) and its amino derivatives [2].
According to a pess statement issued by the Indian High Commission in Colombo -
Recently, Andrews proposed DSM criteria for the diagnosis of Post Lightning Shock Syndrome (PLSS) and Post-Electric Shock Syndrome (PESS).
pess.), os individuos de Araucaria angustifolia permanecem suprimidos sob o dossel da floresta a espera de condicoes adequadas para o desenvolvimento, principalmente, no que se refere a luminosidade, sendo comum a dificuldade na leitura dos aneis de crescimento na regiao proxima a medula em arvores adultas desta especie devido as reduzidas taxas de crescimento na fase juvenil.