PESSLParallel Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library
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Against forgetting." Peter Pessl reads next, framed by the projection of a giant mouse, his illustration of the title figure of his book Mamamaus Mandzukic: Zaubermarchen aus der Traumazeit (Mamamaus Mandzukic: Fairytales from the trauma period).
"The main goal of ALMO is to help small farmers to enter the market and jointly guarantee the supply of meat at a fixed price," said Johann Pessl. - A mountain farm is a risky and even extreme kind of cattle breeding.
THE STORY: "He's a myth, a monster and a mortal man," writes Pessl of reclusive cult horror film director Stanislas Cordova, who creates movies so terrifying that his viewers have committed unspeakable acts.
But Pessl no longer existed--its owners had been taken to a concentration camp and were never heard from again--so she asked one of her old teachers from the company to rent her space in his factory.
Dettori, N., Flook, B.N., Pessl, E., Quesenberry, K., Lob, J., Harris, C., et al.
Marisha Pessl wrote in the New York Times: "In Bob Dylan's extraordinary collection of paintings, we are reminded that he is that rare person who can move effortlessly between music, word, ink and paint."
Para Goldman, autor de Marinero raso (Anagrama, 1998) y El esposo divino (Anagrama, 2008), los textos de Aura se acercaban a la literatura hecha por jovenes escritoras en Estados Unidos de la corriente conocida como brainy girls (chicas genio), cuya prosa resulta "innovadora, juguetona, experimental, deliciosa, divertida y ambiciosa", y que Goldman encuentra en los textos de Marisha Pessl, Heidi Julavits, Rivka Galchen, Susan Choi y Nicole Krauss, entre otras.
Blue van Meer, the narrator/protagonist of Pessl's startlingly original literary mystery, is wise beyond her 16 years.
Publishers Weekly said that the shortlist includes works by Cormac McCarthy, Marisha Pessl, Daniel Mendelsohn, Al Gore and Laura Lippman.
Marisha Pessl - The author talks about her acclaimed debut novel, ``Special Topics in Calamity Physics,'' recently out in paperback, 7 p.m., Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing, 3415 S.W.
Without him, a book such as Special Topics in Calamity Physics, the debut blockbuster by Marisha Pessl, would be hard to imagine.