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While we take pest-related issues very seriously, we like to poke a little fun in our advertising campaigns," said Tom Grim, general manager, Stop Bugging Me Pest Control.
In times of high predictions of pest outbreaks, homeowners need to prepare for pests sightings and take precautions in keeping any source of food or water out of reach from these pests that find way indoors.
Most reputable pest control providers offer complimentary and customized staff training.
The website has been created with easy navigation in mind and offers the latest guidance and information about pest problems that affect all types of UK businesses, from food caterers to public sector facilities.
With 90 chapters contributed by 70 authors, over 800 color photographs and illustrations, and a glossary and comprehensive index, the third edition of Grape Pest Management will continue to be an indispensable resource for the California grape industry.
Called 'Pest Control Strategies', the training course covered public health pests in urban and rural environments and emphasised their management and control strategy.
Pests and pest management can have long-term health effects and affect school attendance.
Winter pest infestations can be hazardous and bothersome, but they can be prevented.
Thanks to new technologies, environmentally friendly, or "green," pest management methods effectively eliminate pests without threatening the environment and human health.
New Zealand's history of introduced pests (especially man) has had a devastating impact on biodiversity.
Substantial shedding can threaten the health of infested eucalyptus trees and may increase their vulnerability to other pest invasions or diseases.
Eliminating these outdoor sources is the most crucial manner of pest control.