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PESTLEPolitical, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental (business marketing tool)
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The golden pestles and mortars fixed as signs upon the sun-blind frames outside the Druggists', appear to have been just turned out of the United States' Mint; and when I saw a baby of some week or ten days old in a woman's arms at a street corner, I found myself unconsciously wondering where it came from: never supposing for an instant that it could have been born in such a young town as that.
"This Terracotta grinder will make grinding of wasted pottery items faster than the traditional mortar and pestle. It will lessen the cost of production, and will also help in solving the problem of shortage of clays," Kumar added.
Dull skin, fine lines, flaky skin, and a feeling of tight discomfort are common skin complaints--exactly why Pestle & Mortar hand-picked four mini skincare products (Pure Hyaluronic Serum, Recover Eye Cream, Balance Facial Spritz, Hydrate Lightweight Moisturizer) for this Gift Set, which, when used together, deliver unparalleled hydration and anti-aging benefits.
Skull and Pestle, edited by Kate Wolford, gathers seven short stories that revive Baba Yaga's legend, alternately retelling her original tale or transporting her through time and space to unexpected places.
Another version of the tragedy informed Sunda tribune that the couple was quarrelling as usual when the wife suddenly picked a pestle and hit her husband on the head and thereafter took a knife and sliced his throat.
The SSP described Saira as a dominating woman who had slapped Fahad during a quarrel, prompting him to hit her with the pestle.
In 2005, for example, Anna Mackmin's production of Pestle received a slew of scathing reviews from the mainstream press.
4 MORTAR AND PESTLE I lost the pestle, or was it the mortar?
First make the filling by placing all the ingredients in a mortar and pounding them with a pestle until you obtain a pulp.
Tip the warm spices onto a plate and leave to cool, then grind to a fine powder in a spice grinder or pestle and mortar.
The jovial Atthasarn, who's been in Manila for a number of years, will explain the ideal use of fresh Thai herbs like galangal and kaffir lime, the long and short of using double-boiler for sticky rice, and the importance of using traditional wooden mortar and pestle in producing tangy curry paste.