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PETPositron Emission Tomography
PETParent Effectiveness Training
PETPersonal Electronic Transactor (early Commodore PC)
PETPeter (New Testament)
PETPolyethylene Terephthalate (more common than PETE)
PETPreliminary English Test
PETPeten (Guatemala territorial division)
PETPrograma de Educação Tutorial (Portuguese: Education Program Tutorial; Brazil)
PETPrivacy Enhancing Technologies (Symposium)
PETPolitiets Efterretningstjeneste (Danish for Police Intelligence Agency)
PETPetroleum Ether
PETPotential Evapotranspiration
PETPost-Exposure Treatment (rabies vaccination)
PETPierre Elliot Trudeau (former Canadian Prime Minister)
PETPrograma de Empleo Temporal (Spanish: Temporary Employment Program; Mexico)
PETPhotoinduced Electron Transfer
PETProgramming Environment and Training (HPCMP)
PETPrivacy Enhancing Technology
PETPotentially Exempt Transfer (UK inland revenue)
PETPersonal Terminal (MegaMan, gaming)
PETPupil Evaluation Team
PETPre-Eclamptic Toxaemia
PETPositron Emissie Tomografie (Dutch)
PETPerformance Evaluation Tool
PETPrint Enhancement Technology
PETPriority Encoding Transmission (algorithm)
PETPiezoelectric Transformer
PETPersuasion Emotion and Trust
PETProton Electron Telescope
PETPrecision End Trimmed (lumber)
PETPresidential Electoral Tribunal (Philippines)
PETPerformance Evaluation Test
PETProductivity Enhancement and Technology
PETUser Productivity Enhancement and Technology Transfer (Previously Productivity Enhancement and Technology)
PETPiezo-Electric Transducer
PETPhase Elapsed Time
PETPerformance Evaluation Team
PETPortable Electronic Thermometer
PETPet Energy Therapy
PETPile Echo Tester (system for testing piles/shafts/deep foundations)
PETProject Execution Team
PETPersonal Electronic Thingy
PETProfessional Employment Training
PETProtected Entrance Terminal
PETProduct Enterprise Team (US Navy)
PETProposal Evaluation Tool
PETPiston Engine Technology
PETPolling Every Time
PETPermanent Engaged Tone
PETProduction Environmental Test
PETProcess Enhancement Team
PETPropulsion Engineering Trainer
PETPeak Engine Torque
PETParker Endotracheal Tube
PETPilot-Line Experiment Technology
PETPulse Energy Thermography
PETPhase Emission Tomography
PETPrecision Electric Turret
PETPhysical Education Teacher (various schools)
PETParaffin-Embedded Tissue
PETPlan de Expansión de Transmisión (Spanish: Transmission Expansion Plan)
PETPreservative Efficacy Test
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has been the home of PET recycling facilities for decades and served as the headquarters for the former Image Carpets, which was founded in 1976.
Three kinds of as-drawn PET tire fibers (1500 denier) made by Teijin Ltd.
Alloying PET and PE doesn't make economic sense if you start with virgin PET, but it pays off as a use for inexpensive waste streams like colored PET and barrier PET film scrap that normally find only low-value applications or are thrown away.
The Chinese in particular have stepped up their activities to source post-consumer PET bottles in the U.
Straw goes beyond the physical aspects of health and discusses the importance of giving thoughtful consideration to the emotional health of pets and to guarding them against unnecessary stresses that can lead to anxiety, depression, or other maladies.
How can we provide our pets with nutrition closer to what nature intended?
But until he was diagnosed with throat cancer, he didn't fully realize how meaningful pets could be to their owners.
With trusted brands including Meow Mix([R]), Kibbles 'n Bits([R]), 9Lives([R]), Snausages([R]), Pup-Peroni([R]), Milk-Bone([R]), Meaty Bone([R]) and Pounce([R]), our products enrich the connection between people and the pets they love.
Other dust-free, biodegradable alternatives include Feline Pine's odor-absorbing pellets made from 100 percent recycled pine lumber waste from mill yards; ECOfresh and Yesterday's News, both made from 100 percent recycled newspaper; and CareFRESH, produced from recycled wood pulp, (It can be used for exotic pets and birds too.