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PETALPoint, Evidence, Technique, Analysis, Link (writing)
PETALPreliminary Eurocontrol Test of Air/Ground Data Link
PETALPersonal Eportfolios for Teaching and Learning (UK)
PETALProgram to Enhance Teaching and Learning (St. John Fisher College; Rochester, NY)
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'What a beautiful flower!' exclaimed the woman, and she kissed the red and yellow petals; but as she kissed them the flower burst open.
'Her petals are done up close, almost like a dahlia,' the Tiger-lily interrupted: 'not tumbled about anyhow, like yours.'
'But that's not YOUR fault,' the Rose added kindly: 'you're beginning to fade, you know--and then one can't help one's petals getting a little untidy.'
He shook off the few drops of moisture which clung to its petals.
"Dorian," she answered, lingering over his name with long-drawn music in her voice, as though it were sweeter than honey to the red petals of her mouth.
In the huge gilt Venetian lantern, spoil of some Doge's barge, that hung from the ceiling of the great, oak-panelled hall of entrance, lights were still burning from three flickering jets: thin blue petals of flame they seemed, rimmed with white fire.
It does not blow till towards the month of July - you then perceive it gradually open its petals - expand them - fade and die.
* Kiehl's, which has used calendula petals in its formulations since the 1960s, has unveiled a lightweight moisturizer that provides instant relief from the feeling of irritated skin, aids in strengthening the skin barrier and helps to diminish the early signs of aging that occur when environmental factors compromise the skin barrier.
The play highlighted the exploitation of the poor petal picking women by the three classes associated with Mughal Empire and the king, including Muqadam, Patwari (revenue collector) and Arhtees (traders).
Dave Lewis's Ballyoak Petal, who whelped a litter last December, led early in Wednesday's opening semi-final and went on to beat Skyfall Venom by two and a half lengths in 14.70sec (+5), while Jean Liles's veteran Trapstyle Jet was two spots faster in the second semi as he made an all in a contest where first-round victim Queen Anna had been favoured to reverse that form but was once again slowly away.
Petal the Dalmatian loves exploring the garden JULIE WORT
Using the grid to align the petal points and edges, position the eight larger fabric A petals right side up over the paper; press to secure (1).