PETBPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Bloggers (satire)
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Part of type cytochrome the cbb3-type cytochrome c reductase c oxidase subunit I) cb-type cytochrome C oxidase 0.997 subunit IV, ccoQ Ubiquinol-cytochrome Creductase 0.978 cytochrome B subunit, petB; component of the ubiquinol- cytochrome c reductase Integral membrane protein, Cj1493c 0.965 Ferredoxin domain-containing integral 0.961 membrane protein, Cj0369c Periplasmic protein, Cj1486c 0.950 Ubiquinol-cytochrome Creductase 0.943 iron-sulfur subunit, petA; component of the ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase Cation-transporting ATPase, Cj1155c 0.932 Cation-transporting ATPase, Cj1161c 0.872
ISLAMABAD, June 03, 2010 (Frontier Star): Public Accounts Committee (PAC) while terming all the allegations levelled against Asif Hashmi, chairman Pakistan Evacuee Trust Board (PETB) as baseless and concocted has declared the matters related to PETB and DHA as transparent.