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PETHPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Humans
PETHPre-Ecdysis-Triggering Hormone
PETHPost Event Time Histogram
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'With the support of my co-workers and family, I decided to introduce Peth Yoeung to a broader audience.
[USA], Nov 10 ( ANI ): A simple blood test for a compound, called PEth, can accurately identify critically ill hospital patients who misuse alcohol, according to a recent study.
Dyna pam fod pobol y wlad a'r ddinas siwr o fod yn gwybod un peth yn dda...
A police spokesman said: "Police were called to reports of a collision at Framwellgate Peth at about 9.30pm on Monday, July 17.
Tests on young students in the US found a correlation between PEth levels and the number of times they had consumed four to five drinks in one sitting within the previous 30 days.
Exhaled breath contains phospholipids such as phosphatidylcholines (3), suggesting it may also be a useful matrix for PEth measurement and hence for noninvasive screening of moderate to heavy drinking.
And Ifans, the frontman of The Peth, the band that released their one and only album Golden Mile in 2008, only has to pick up the phone and we could all be privy to the follow-up, entitled Crystal Peth.
Wrth sn am hyn, peth bythgofiadwy i mi oedd gweld dyn gyda un fraich yn llenwi bagiau gyda glo oedd wedi ei roi mewn twmpath ochr y Bull.
The Peth, a psychedelic rock band built on the twin foundations of Rhys Ifans as a frontman and Super Furry Animals drummer Dafydd Ieuan as songwriter, will surely pack out the snug Cardiff venue on Wednesday, June 10.
"I certainly couldn't go on a theatre stage in the state of mind I've generally been in with The Peth."
THEY have shown themselves to be the northern powerhouses of the Secure Trading 24/Sevens Series in the past - and now the Mighty Peth have set their sights on glory in 2018.