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PETIProfiling Educational Technology Integration (State Educational Technology Directors Association; various locations)
PETIPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Insects
PETIPost Eligibility Treatment of Income
PETIPenambangan Emas tanpa Izin (Indonesian: Gold Mining without Permit)
PETIProgram for Eradication of Child Labor (Brazil)
PETIPinnacle Environmental Technologies, Inc. (Canada)
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Para Henderson e Venkatraman (1993), o alinhamento estrategico entre PEE e PETI durante a formulacao dos planos e considerado uma ferramenta de gestao que permite melhoria do desempenho e vantagens competitivas para aqueles que a promovem.
g] values of IPA or PETI, and PET containing CHDM (referred to as PETG) are also included in Fig.
The PETI copolymer samples were purified by Soxhlet extraction with methanol and dried in a vacuum oven for more than 48 hrs at room temperature prior to characterization.
The work we did with NASA on PETI was a tribute to NASA as well as to Eikos.
Comment pourrions nous tout en vn temps donner les loix aux peuples, & les tetins aux petis enfans?
His Rudi's Petis only 2lb higher than when a close second at Beverley last month and will be more at home on this faster track, while Thirsk winner Wanchai Ladhas been given a break since disappointing on his next start.
21) Francois Petis de la Croix, secretaire de l'ambassade de Constantinople et pere du continuateur homonyme des Mille et une nuits, signa, de son cote, des relations que l'on trouve, entre autres depots, a la Bibliotheque nationale de France.
et autres petis tracas (1998), in which the shadow of AIDS is only evaded in order to accentuate the curse that weighs on the group of lovers.
The balance in Pygott's Qui Petis o Fily was perfect, while the soprano solo in the 16th century suite, The Song the Virgin Sang rang out like a bell.
166) is oversimplified: it was not Nizami's idiosyncratic version of the Turandot story that inspired Schiller's (and Gozzi's) dramas and ultimately Puccini's opera, but the French translation of an anonymous Persian prose romance in Petis de Lacroix's Les mule et un jours.
Qui vauroit bons vers oir del deport du viel antif de deus biax enfans petis Nicholete et Aucassins des grans paines qu'il soufri .
obrue mactati corpus tellure iuvenci: quod petis a nobis, obrutus ille dabit.