PETISPositron-Emitting Tracer Imaging System
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Composition and Molecular Weight of PETI Copolymers
Detailed data on the [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 1 OMITTED] characterization of PETI copolymers will be published elsewhere.
The thermal transition temperatures of PETI copolymers determined by DSC are summarized in Table 2.
where [T.sub.m] = melting temperature of PETI copolymer, [Mathematical Expression Omitted] = melting temperature of PET homopolymer, X = mole fraction of crystallizable unit (BHET), and [Delta] [H.sub.u] = heat of fusion of crystallizable unit.
The crystallization induction times ([t.sub.i]), which were taken as the difference between the thermal equilibrium and the onset of exotherm, are shown in Table 3 for the PETI copolymers at different isothermal crystallization temperatures.
The [V.sub.c] and [Delta] E values of PETI copolymers are listed in Table 3.